8 Things To Do At Bintan Island For A Wholesome Holiday

8 Things To Do At Bintan Island For A Wholesome Holiday

By Jasmine Satar on 11 Jan 2023

Bintan Island is known for its white sandy beaches and clear ocean waters.Photo from The Anmon Resorts


Bintan Island, located in Indonesia is a great and convenient escape for Singaporeans. If you're looking for a relaxing time on white sandy beaches or a packed itinerary filled with adventurous activities, Bintan is a great location for you!

This island is located in the western part of Indonesia and is a popular tourist destination for residents in Jakarta, Johor Bharu and Singapore due to it's close proximity.

Bintan Island is just 45 km Southeast of Singapore.Photo from Bintan Resorts.

Historically, Bintan started off as a famous trading centre in Asia due to it's strategic location.

Now the island has transformed itself into a great holiday retreat spot, boasting many luxurious resorts with serene beaches and clear waters. Bintan Island is even home to Southeast Asia's first and largest man-made seawater lagoon, Treasure Bay Bintan's Crystal Lagoon!

Less than an hour ride away from Singapore by ferry, the Indonesian island's natural beauty is a special gem and alternative holiday destination compared to your typical options like of Bali or Phuket.

This island has a little something for everyone and at mostly affordable prices, so let's take a look in things to do in Bintan depending on what you're looking for!


In just an hour ferry ride, you'd have reached Bintan Island, from Singapore.Photo from The Anmon Resorts

Getting To Bintan From Singapore

Let's first start by finding the best way to get there. Especially for Singaporean residents, we recommend you taking the ferry from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Bintan’s Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal.

Check out the available tickets at Bintan Resort Ferry  's website when planning your trip.

Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal is located in Lagoi Beach, the northern part of Bintan where most of the resorts are located. We highly suggest you get your ferry tickets in advance and they usually sellout fast.

You'll be happy to note that for Singaporean passport holders, you won't be requiring a Visa application to enter Bintan, Indonesia.

Singapore has been ranked one of the top strongest passports in the world for awhile now.Photo from Keesing Platform

Remember how we mentioned that Bintan has something to offer for every tourist? This island has natural beauties with a plethora of activities for visitors to enrich themselves with.


Without further ado lets dive into the activities you can around the island to ensure a fulfilling holiday.

1. Treasure Bay: Water Sports, ATV Rides & Bonfires

Treasure Bay provides for numerous zones that are integrated by lagoons, waterways and promenades.Photo from Treasure Bay

Located just 5 minutes away from Bentan Ferry Terminal, Treasure Bay is a 338-hectare luxury resort, a one-stop destination that features a range of entertainment, wellness, leisure and cultural activities.

You don't want to miss out on this spot as Treasure Bay is home to the 6.3-hectare Crystal Lagoon, Southeast Asia's first and largest man-made seawater lagoon.

Kayak at Crystal Lagoon for easy paddles with the calm waters.Photo from Treasure Bay

Here you can feast your eyes on its crystal clear, azure waters and try out the lagoon's many water activities like kayaking and paddle-boarding .

The enclosed salt water lagoon provides a secure environment for swimming and water sports, free from external currents. Its clean, filtered waters and shallow edges make it an ideal place for children to enjoy.


Some interesting facts about the Crystal Lagoon is that it operates on an eco-friendly technology. The lagoon uses 100 times less chemical products compared to conventional swimming pools.

This is pretty mind-blowing considering the Lagoon has a surface area that's equivalent to 50 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Despite the Crystal Lagoon being man-made, it's innovative technology is sustainable to the environment as it consumes only 2% of the energy needed by conventional filtration pools. It's a honestly a marvel so don't miss your chance to check it out!

At Treasure Bay's Chill Cove, you'd get the options of trying the cooler, rarer water activites guided by an instructor.Photo from Treasure Bay

Additionally, the Chill Cove Wake Park holds more vigorous water activities and is situated close to the Crystal Lagoon. At Chill Cove Wake Park you're guaranteed for a splashing time through activities like wakeboarding and waterskiing!

Feel the adrenaline rush with the Jetovator.Photo from Treasure Bay

For our most daring adrenaline junkies, we suggest you try and experience the thrill of flying with the Jetovator.

The Crystal Lagoon's white sands and crystal-clear waters that span 6.3 hectares.Photo from Treasure Bay


That's not all there is to Treasure Bay though, this resort also holds other activities like ATV rides where you can cruise through a private jungle trail.

At night time, Treasure Bay also holds bonfires at the beach . We think this would be a great way for you to end the night with as you unwind and soak up the great outdoors.

There's more activities by Treasure Bay like cycling and archery that you can learn more about through their website here!

2. Snorkel Trip

Snorkeling is an adventurous way to see the island's aquatic life up close.Photo from ClubMed Bintan Islands

No trip to Bintan is complete without a snorkeling experience in island's pristine waters.

Our next accommodation is known for it's hospitality brand and impeccable services. Club Med Bintan Island has all your needs, from watersport activities, yoga, golf, tour packages and an open bar.

Our highlight is Club Med Bintan's snorkeling  package that includes group lessons for beginners. While children are able to join the underwater fun, a minimum age of eight is required.


Discover the local marine life with Club Med's snorkeling packages here.

3. Mangrove Forest Tour

Journey through the thick mangroves.Photo from Journey Era

Bintan's Island is surrounded by beautiful nature, one of them being rich mangrove forests!

Here you can go on a river boat ride along Sebung River or even rent a kayak and paddle through the winding waters while discovering the local wildlife like kingfishers, monkeys, mudskippers and more.

Even more unique, fireflies can be seen once the sun sets at Sebung River. Firefly tours are readily available for you to choose from though generally most are priced similarly.

The tours starts around 7:30pm and you'll be able to witness the forest trees light up! Check out one of the Mangrove Discovery Tours by Bintan Resorts here.

4. Local Culture: Panglong Village, Berakit


Take an afternoon to explore Panglong Village and experience the tranquility of life there. Observe the fishermen coming back to shore with the day's haul, mending their nets in their own yards, and airing out their seafood out in the open.Photo from Bintan Resorts

Immerse yourself in the local culture of Bintan. Many of the locals of this island are fishermen so it's no surprise that tourists can visit the fishing villages on the island to get a taste of the local lifestyle. Traditionally, the local fishermen live nomadically based on the fishing seasons. The "Orang Laut" (meaning people of the sea) build their wooden houses on stilts on ocean waters near the bay. This sight is a unique experience especially for city folk to take a peek into the real Bintan lifestyle of sea nomads and their traditions that have been adopted for generations.

Book the Trail of the Sea Gypsies Tour with an English speaking guide for a truly enriching experience

5. Hike up Mount Bintan

Gunung Bintan, the highest peak in Bintan, to experience a breathtaking 360-degree view of the island!Photo from Bintan Resorts

For hiking lovers, you should definitely try out this trek to climb up the tallest peak of Bintan and gain a rewarding view of the island surrounded by dense tropical forest. That's not even the best part of the hike! You can enjoy a refreshing dip after the sweaty trek at a waterfall. Locals say a dip in the waterfall brings good luck. On the way there try to spot silver leaf monkeys or sun birds.

Check out this tour guide package that includes a chance for you to try local fruits like Jackfruits, Rambutan, Mangosteens and more during your hike.

6. Bintan Lagoon Golf Club 


The Par 72 Jack Nicklaus Sea View Course measures 6443 meters with five different tee locations to suit golfers of all abilities.Photo from Bintan Lagoon Golf Club

Here's a treat for golf lovers! Interestingly the island has a few golf course to try out. We think Bintan Lagoon Golf Club offers great views and services. This golf course is special as it has a stunning sea view of the South China sea. Bintan Lagoon Golf Club was designed by 18-time major winner, The Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus.  If you've never been to a golf course with a sea view, here's your chance!

7. Aroma River Spa

This Bintan spa is a popular destination, visitors don't feel like they've been taken to a tourist trap.Photo from Mutiara Bintan

If you think the list has too many vigorous activities so far and would prefer something more indulgent then this spa retreat might be your cup of tea. No relaxing beach holiday is complete for the luxurious traveler without a spa trip.

The island has many spas to choose from but we think the Aroma River Spa is most unique. With spa houses built on stilts on top of a river, this spa retreat is unlike any other. This floating spa situated on a mangrove river promises an immersive naturalistic experience. Aroma River Spa is a great authentic escape from the hustling city life, equipped with relaxing or detox massage packages and a river boat ride trip.

8. Local Seafood: RM Alim

The last item on our list features local's favourite seafood. RM Alim is not a fancy tourist spot but serves authentic Indonesia seafood. This restaurant is located at Tanjung Pinang by the sea so you'll get to feel the sea breeze as you munch on yummy fresh crabs, prawns, fish, shellfish, sea snails and clams.

Getting there might be slightly tricky but it's worth it as the food is good.

A hidden gem of a restaurant that is located by the ocean for stunning sunset views with fresh seafood dishes cooked the Indonesian way.Photo from Daniel Choen, Google Images

We suggest to grab an early dinner during sunset for pretty views.

Address: Jl. Pos No.6, Tanjungpinang Kota, Kec. Tj. Pinang Kota, Kota Tanjung Pinang, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Contact: +62 812 7041 0100

Opening hours: Daily, 12pm to 10pm

So there you have it! Our guide to must visit spots at Bintan Island for a wholesome holiday. There are loads more to do on this island so be sure to check out more of the activities online. This Indonesian island is a great affordable beach getaway for Singaporeans and we hope you don't miss out on the experience.