Bulgogi Syo By Seorae: New KBBQ Restaurant In Singapore Has Tableside Flambés & More

Bulgogi Syo By Seorae: New KBBQ Restaurant In Singapore Has Tableside Flambés & More

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By Sherryl Cheong on 09 May 2023

Bulgogi Syo is the brainchild of the team behind Seorae, a Korean barbecue brand that is renowned in Singapore. Its second outlet opens at Woodleigh Mall on 8 May 2023, marking the expansion of the restaurant business.


In Korean, bul means fire; gogi means meat; and syo means show. True to its name, the restaurant is big on experiential dining. As such, it comes equipped with an open kitchen and offers tableside flambés.

Open-kitchen concept at Bulgogi SyoPhoto from Bulgogi Syo by Seorae

Chef Chul Park, the founder of Seorae, spent years experimenting with different techniques in hopes of perfecting the art of grilling. "The best meat quality and the best marinade are not enough. Journey to perfection comes with an obsession with the art of fire," he says. And so, alongside his team, he developed a unique three-step process for cooking meat: searing, torching, and flambéing.

Each step is crucial in enhancing the flavour of the meats. To seal in the juices and flavour, they are first seared on hot-stone pans that have been carefully heated up to 180 degrees. After which, a blowtorch is used to ensure that the premium cuts of meat boast a nicely charred exterior.

Beef Ribeye Hot StonePhoto from Bulgogi Syo by Seorae

The final step comes to play only if you order a Syo Special: Angus beef tenderloin, Duroc pork belly, pork baby back ribs, or the sharing combos. The meats are first dressed with a special essence before they are set ablaze.

Apart from barbecued meats, Bulgogi Syo also offers an array of stews, noodles, fried rice, and side dishes. Guests who are celebrating their birthdays can expect the Birthday Spe-Syo, which is a complimentary alcohol-free tiramisu cake that comes topped with a sparkler candle. Head over to the restaurant for your lunch breaks, special occasions and everything in between!