Diptyque Unveils Exquisite Parisian Collection: Experience French Sophistication

Diptyque Unveils Exquisite Parisian Collection: Experience French Sophistication

By Anthony Teo on 19 Apr 2024

Experience the charm of French café culture with Diptyque's Parisian Café series, a collaboration with Café Verlet, Paris's oldest coffee purveyor. Immerse yourself in luxurious scents reminiscent of a traditional French café.


The Parisian Café collection by Diptyque boasts four exquisite scents, each crafted to evoke Café Verlet's renowned menu. Adorned with illustrations by British artist Clym Evernden, these limited-edition candles offer olfactory delight and visual allure.

Elevate your space with Diptyque's indulgent Café scents. Photo from Diptyque

Coffee aficionados will relish the rich aroma of Café, capturing the essence of freshly brewed espresso. For a fruity twist, Fruits Confit offers a delightful blend of candied plum, patchouli, and bitter orange.

Indulge in Decadent Gourmand Delights with Diptyque

Sweet fragrance enthusiasts will be drawn to Biscuit and Chantilly (Whipped Cream) candles, evoking the decadence of high tea. Can't decide? Opt for the Gourmand Trio, featuring mini versions of Café, Biscuit, and Chantilly candles in a charming box.

Diptyque Chantilly (Whipped Cream) Classic CandlePhoto from Diptyque

Priced at $109 for each Classic Candle (190g) and $205 for the Gourmand Trio (3 x 70g), these candles are exclusively available at their boutiques. Immerse yourself in the allure of Parisian café culture with Diptyque's Parisian Café collection.



Diptyque Café (Coffee) - Classic CandlePhoto from Diptyqu

Diptyque, a Parisian brand renowned for transforming ordinary scents into opulent experiences, has a fascinating origin story. Established in 1961, it originated from the creative minds of three artistic friends who not only designed fabrics but also crafted complementary scented candles!

Diptyque Café (Coffee), Chantilly (Whipped Cream), Biscuit (Cookie) - Set of 3 Small CandlesPhoto from Diptyque

Their innovative fragrances gained immense popularity, leading them to introduce their own line of perfumes in 1968. Moreover, the name "Diptyque" itself is intriguing as it alludes to the ancient Greek two-panel folding altars.

So, the next time you encounter those stylish candles, remember their roots - rooted in a passion for art, design, and the art of enveloping your space in delightful aromas!

Experience French sophistication with Diptyque's Café candles. Photo from Diptyque

For more information and to explore the collection, visit the Diptyque website today. Experience Parisian sophistication with every flicker of these luxurious candles.