Bites & Brews Singapore: A Culinary Journey Like No Other!

Bites & Brews Singapore: A Culinary Journey Like No Other!

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By Anthony Teo on 24 Apr 2024

In the dynamic culinary landscape of Singapore, Bites & Brews Singapore stands out as a shining example of diverse flavors and inviting atmosphere. Located in the lively hub of Joo Chiat, this gem hailing from Shanghai greets you with the cozy allure of a rustic countryside cottage. Adorned with charming second-hand furnishings and vintage décor, our establishment exudes warmth and nostalgia from the moment you step inside.


Discover diverse global cuisine at Bites & Brews

From Shanghai to your plate: Bites & Brews Singapore invites you on a flavor adventure.Photo from GrilStyle Singapore

Savor the culinary delights awaiting you at Bites & Brews Singapore, where each dish is a symphony of global flavors. Treat yourself to the sumptuous depth of our renowned Mapo Tofu Lasagna, seamlessly blending the comforting familiarity of Italian pasta with the bold, spicy notes of Sichuan cuisine.

Half soy-ginger spring chicken: a tender symphony of Asian flavors"

Alternatively, immerse yourself in the exotic charm of our Gold and Purple Hummus, a contemporary rendition of a Middle Eastern classic infused with innovative twists and vibrant hues.

A diverse menu catering to all tastes!

But fear not, lovers of classic comfort! Bites & Brews Singapore also caters to your cravings with beloved favorites like the hearty Philly Cheesesteak and the comforting Spinach Tagliatelle. And don't forget to complement your meal with one of our quirky beverages, such as the refreshing "Tom Yum" Coconut Drink or the adventurous DRUNKMatchakra cocktail.


Shawarma lamb pizza: a tantalizing fusion of Mediterranean and Italian cuisines"Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Whether you're an adventurous epicurean or simply seeking a cozy spot to unwind with friends, Bites & Brews Singapore guarantees an unparalleled dining experience. So gather your loved ones, reserve a table, and get ready to embark on a flavor-filled journey that will leave you yearning for more.

Spinach tagliatelle: a vibrant, comforting classic with a twisPhoto from GirlStle Singapore

After indulging in our culinary creations, you'll leave Bites & Brews Singapore with a satisfied palate and cherished memories of a dining experience like no other. Whether you're a seasoned epicurean or an adventurous food enthusiast, the commitment to excellence ensures that every visit is a journey worth savoring.

Variation of teaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

📍15 Crane Road Singapore 429360

⏰Operation hour: Tuesdays to Thursday & Sunday: 11am - 10pm,Fridays: 11am - 12am,Saturdays: 10am - 12am (Closed on Monday)

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