KidZania Singapore Blazes Back with a Revamped City and Future Job Fun!

KidZania Singapore Blazes Back with a Revamped City and Future Job Fun!

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By Anthony Teo on 10 May 2024

Calling all mini-mogul moms and pops! Get ready to unleash your cub's inner rockstar (or doctor, or pilot... the possibilities are endless!) because KidZania Singapore is roaring back to life on May 16th after a 10-month makeover!


At KidZania, learning is a blast! Kids get to ditch the textbooks and explore different careers through exciting role-play.Photo from Cherilyn Gan

After a well-deserved spa day (okay, renovation), KidZania Singapore is reopening its doors, bigger and better than ever. We're talking over 70 different role-playing gigs for your little ones to conquer, from firefighting heroes to medical whizzes, news anchors, and even international jet-setters!

KidZania roars back! Unleash your cub's inner doctor (or pilot, or firefighter...) on May 16th! Photo from travelweekly

But KidZania isn't just about fun and games (although there's plenty of that too!). This indoor wonderland is designed to ignite your child's curiosity and teach them valuable life skills. They'll even get their hands on a pre-loaded credit card, learning the ropes of money management in a safe and engaging way.

New Partners, New Adventures

Little ones can dress up and play doctor at KidZania SingaporePhoto from KidZania Singapore

KidZania has teamed up with awesome local and international brands like the Singapore Civil Defence Force, The Straits Times, and H&M to create realistic and exciting experiences. Your mini-me can learn what it takes to be a firefighter, a doctor, a journalist, a flight attendant, and a whole lot more!


The revamped KidZania also focuses on crucial topics like mental health, healthy eating, taking care of our planet, and even cutting-edge tech jobs. This ensures your child walks away not just entertained, but equipped with knowledge and skills for the future.

Stethoscopes at the ready! Diagnosing "teddy bear" woes at KidZania. Photo from viator

Some attractions have a minimum height requirement of 1.30 meters. So, if your little one is still a wee sprout, don't fret! KidZania will still be a blast for them to explore and experience.

Beat the Queue Like a Boss

With all this excitement brewing, expect some crowds! To avoid disappointment, plan your visit beforehand and book those tickets online! Speaking of tickets, prices range from $41 for toddlers to $84 for older kids. Bonus Alert! There's a whopping 50% discount on tickets on May 13th, so mark your calendars!

Calling all future firefighters! KidZania lets you suit up and save the day!Photo from Cherilyn Gan

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to spark your child's imagination and equip them with valuable skills. Head over to KidZania Singapore and watch their eyes light up as they explore, learn, and become anything they dream of being!

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