Former Pop Star Stella Huang Welcomes Second Child

Former Pop Star Stella Huang Welcomes Second Child

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By Anthony Teo on 13 May 2024

In a heartwarming update that perfectly aligns with Mother’s Day, former pop star Stella Huang has welcomed her second child, a baby boy named Elliott, into the world. Born on May 12, which this year coincided with the celebrated day honoring mothers, Elliott's arrival came with an extra layer of joy and significance.


Ex-pop star, current supermom! Photo from IG | Stella 黃湘怡 & Baby Ashton

At 43, actress Stella isn't one to shy away from the cameras, but the recent arrival of baby Elliott has turned the spotlight towards her personal life, revealing heartwarming moments of pure affection and family bonding. The news has sent fans into a frenzy, eager to catch a glimpse of the adorable newborn.

Stella Welcomed with Love by Husband and Family

 Stella Huang's son, Elliott, has arrived. This little one is already so loved.Photo from IG | Stella 黃湘怡 & Baby Ashton

But amidst the excitement, it's Stella's husband, Jon, who has truly stolen the show. In a touching letter overflowing with paternal pride, Jon expressed his elation at becoming a father again. He openly shared his long-held desire for another child, confessing that having Stella as the mother of his son is the greatest gift he could ever ask for. These heartfelt words not only celebrate baby Elliott's arrival but also serve as a beautiful testament to the strong emotional foundation the couple has built together.

Feeling incredibly blessed. Photo from IG | Stella 黃湘怡 & Baby Ashton

Theirs is a love story that blossomed quickly. Having tied the knot in October of last year, Stella and Jon were clearly eager to embark on this new chapter of parenthood together. Stella also has a 12-year-old son, Ashton, from her previous marriage to Armstrong Yeh. This beautiful blend of past and present in Stella's life paints a picture of resilience and the ever-evolving nature of family.

Pure love radiating from this beautiful couple.Photo from IG | Stella 黃湘怡 & Baby Ashton

As Stella embraces motherhood for the second time, we can't help but be touched by the heartwarming welcome little Elliott has received, not just from his parents but also from his big brother Ashton. This heartwarming family story is sure to resonate with anyone who believes in the enduring power of love and the beauty of blended families.

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