Light Up Your Creativity! Singapore's Digital Light Canvas at Marina Bay Sands

Light Up Your Creativity! Singapore's Digital Light Canvas at Marina Bay Sands

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By Anthony Teo on 14 May 2024

Step into a world where you become the artist! The Digital Light Canvas, a permanent exhibit at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands, lets you transform your movements into a stunning light show.


Your movements light up the Digital Light Canvas at Marina Bay Sands.Photo from Digital Light Canvas

This innovative experience by teamLab ditches the traditional gallery format. Here, you're an active participant! Imagine a nature-inspired wonderland where your every step triggers mesmerizing light patterns, mimicking a constantly evolving ecosystem. Cutting-edge motion sensors and projection technology bring this virtual world to life, guaranteeing a fresh experience every visit.

More than a museum! Immerse yourself in the Digital Light Canvas experience.Photo from Digital Light Canvas

But the fun doesn't end there! The Digital Light Canvas lets you go beyond observing. Unleash your inner artist at the sketch factory. Design your own drawings, and watch them become part of the larger light display. This interactive element adds a personal touch and fosters a sense of community within the exhibit.

Beyond the Gallery: The Interactive Digital Light Canvas

Make it extra special! Craft personalized messages displayed in elegant calligraphy across the canvas, complete with stunning virtual fireworks. It's the perfect way to celebrate an occasion or express yourself creatively.

The Digital Light Canvas welcomes everyone! Children under two enter for free, making it an ideal family outing. Affordable tickets start at just $12, and various packages offer exclusive souvenirs like badges, tote bags, and exhibit-themed t-shirts.

 Don't miss the incredible Digital Light CanvasPhoto from Digital Light Canvas

More than just an exhibit, the Digital Light Canvas at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is an interactive adventure that blends art and science. Engage with the installation, contribute to a living artwork, and ignite your creative spark. This enchanting and educational experience promises to leave a lasting impression on all ages.

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