Tea Meets Designer Toys! Must-Have HEYTEA x BE@RBRICK Collab

Tea Meets Designer Toys! Must-Have HEYTEA x BE@RBRICK Collab

By Anthony Teo on 15 May 2024

Calling all tea lovers and designer toy fanatics! Brace yourselves for a collab that's as tasty as it is collectible. HEYTEA, the innovative bubble tea brand, has teamed up with the iconic BE@RBRICK to launch an exclusive collection in China.


The HEYTEA x BE@RBRICK collab is FIRE! (China Only)Photo from XHS | 吃货小明

This exciting partnership, launched on May 13th with the motto "LIVE JOY, PLAY JOY," boasts a line of stylish merchandise for fashionistas. Think sleek black and silver cold bags, keychains, cold cups, and water bottles – perfect for showcasing your love for both brands. Plus, there are adorable magnets and a mini suitcase ornament with a tiny HEYTEA cup! Snag these exclusive items with a simple drink purchase and a top-up!

The HEYTEA x BE@RBRICK collab is FIRE!Photo from XHS | 喜茶

But wait, there's more! The collab features a special edition BE@RBRICK "Black" Pineapple drink. Made with fresh Philippine pineapples and served in a themed cup, this refreshing beverage is a must-try.

The Holy Grail: Limited-Edition BE@RBRICK Figures

Collectors, rejoice! The real prize is the highly anticipated HEYTEA-themed BE@RBRICK figures, coming in 100% and 400% sizes. Set for release in October, these limited-edition figures are predicted to be hot sellers.

he HEYTEA x BE@RBRICK collab has stylish merch for all!Photo from XHS | 喜茶

Step into any of the nearly 1,000 HEYTEA stores across China, now sporting BE@RBRICK-themed interiors, for an immersive shopping experience. To crank up the excitement further, mark your calendars for a special "Cool Black" pop-up event on May 31st at Shanghai's Zhangyuan. Expect a themed installation, limited-edition specials, and the unveiling of the new pineapple drink – all in a visually captivating setting for fans to celebrate both brands.

Warning: Extreme cuteness overload! The HEYTEA x BE@RBRICK mini suitcase ornament!Photo from XHS | 喜茶

So, bubble tea and designer toy enthusiasts, this is your chance to snag some cool merch and a refreshing drink! Remember, the limited-edition merchandise and "Cool Black" pop-up event are exclusive to China for now. But who knows what exciting collaborations might be brewing up next?