It's a Boy! Actresses Sora Ma Announces Baby Boy on the Way

It's a Boy! Actresses Sora Ma Announces Baby Boy on the Way

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By Anthony Teo on 16 May 2024

Actress Sora Ma is radiating joy as she prepares to welcome her first child, a bouncing baby boy! The news came during a recent online event, where Ma revealed the exciting detail with a creative gender reveal. She pulled out a streamer with intertwined red and blue colors, finally exclaiming "It's a boy!" with a beaming smile.


Actress Sora Ma reveals she's having a baby boy!Photo from IG | Sora Ma 马艺瑄

This announcement follows her earlier revelation in March, where she bravely shared her journey to motherhood involved In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Ma has been refreshingly open about the emotional ups and downs of IVF, offering a realistic picture for women facing similar experiences.

Congrats to the mama-to-be! Photo from IG | Sora Ma 马艺瑄

A Journey of Excitement and Resilience

Ma, due this August, hasn't shied away from sharing the emotional rollercoaster of IVF. Her transparency not only sheds light on the challenges faced by many women but also highlights her incredible strength and resilience. During the reveal, her excitement about picking out baby clothes and names was simply contagious!

Sending all the baby love! Photo from IG | Sora Ma 马艺瑄

Interestingly, Ma knew her baby's gender since the fourth month, thanks to a prenatal test. However, prioritizing her baby's health above all else, she kept the delightful secret sealed until recently. A small, intimate gathering with her husband and family finally marked the official announcement.

She documents her exciting pregnancy adventurePhoto from IG | Sora Ma 马艺瑄

Currently in Kuala Lumpur for a friend's movie project, Ma plans to return to Singapore soon to prepare for the final stages of her pregnancy. Her focus is on creating a calm and peaceful environment leading up to the big day.

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