Purrfect Workday! Coworking with Cats at Fuzzies Bugis

Purrfect Workday! Coworking with Cats at Fuzzies Bugis

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By Anthony Teo on 16 May 2024

Feeling the squeeze of that same-old office routine? Dreading another day staring at a screen devoid of fluffy companionship? Well, fret no more, fellow workaholics (and cat lovers)! Nestled in the heart of Bugis, on the bustling Arab Street, a revolutionary workspace has emerged: Fuzzies.


Unique co-working space where work meets whiskers.Photo from Fuzzies

Forget the sterile silence and fluorescent lights of traditional offices. Fuzzies throws purrfect chaos into the mix, combining the productivity of a co-working space with the delightful snuggles of a cat cafe and the playful energy of a board game haven.

Can't decide between work & cuddles? Fuzzies Bugis has you covered! Co-working with cats for a happy workday!Photo from Fuzzies

Imagine this: you're tapping away at your laptop, a crucial email about to be conquered, when a soft purr tickles your ear. Look down, and there's a gloriously fluffy feline gazing up at you with those mesmerizing emerald eyes. Yep, that's just another day at Fuzzies! Here, you'll find seven adorable rescue cats (Uni, Soba, Udon, Mochi, Taro, Sake – and yes, Taro and Sake are the cutest siblings ever!) ready to be your purring productivity partners.

Comfort & Connectivity: Your Work Oasis Awaits

Work hard, play hard! Board games & Switch at Fuzzies Bugis. Photo from Fuzzies

But fear not, the fun doesn't stop at feline friends. Fuzzies is designed with ultimate comfort in mind. Think cushy beanbags that mold to your every move, plush pillows for epic brainstorming sessions, and enough electrical outlets to power a small city (because, let's be real, laptops are our lifeline). Plus, the WiFi is as reliable as your morning cup of joe, ensuring a seamless workday.


Work, play, snack, repeat!Photo from Fuzzies

Feeling a screen meltdown coming on? No problem! The yoga corner at Fuzzies is your zen zone. Take a break, stretch it out, and come back to your work feeling refreshed.

All-Inclusive Purr-formance Boost

And here's the best part (besides the cats, of course): unlike most cat cafes, Fuzzies doesn't nickel and dime you for every purr and cuddle. One flat fee gets you access to the feline crew, comfy work stations, a treasure trove of board games (perfect for a post-work unwind!), endless snacks and drinks to keep your energy up, and even a Smart TV loaded with Netflix and Disney+ for those ultimate procrastination breaks (we all have them, no judgement here!).

 Fuzzies Bugis offers a purrfect escape! Work with cats, enjoy board games & Netflix breaks!Photo from Fuzzies

Feeling tempted by this purrfectly productive paradise? Well, now's the best time to pounce! Fuzzies is offering a grand opening special – 50% off your first two hours until May 31st, 2024! With prices starting at S$15 on weekdays and S$20 on weekends, it's an offer too good to resist.

📍92 Arab Street #03-01, Singapore 199788

⏰11am–11pm, Daily