KEBUKE Opens its Doors in SG: World of Flavors with Singapore-Exclusive Drinks, Fruity Teas, and More!

KEBUKE Opens its Doors in SG: World of Flavors with Singapore-Exclusive Drinks, Fruity Teas, and More!

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By Natalie Yong on 19 Jun 2024

The wait is over, Singapore! KEBUKE Opens its Doors, Bringing Innovative Flavors and Premium Quality Calling all bubble tea enthusiasts, rejoice! Singapore's thirst for something new and exciting is about to be quenched with the arrival of KEBUKE, a renowned Taiwanese bubble tea chain!


KEBUKE isn't just another bubble tea shop. Their name itself is a delightful invitation, playfully translating from the Taiwanese saying "渴不渴" (kě bù kě) to "Are you thirsty?" With over 280 stores already gracing the streets of Taiwan, KEBUKE is finally bringing its innovative flavors and unwavering commitment to quality to the Lion City. This marks their very first outpost in Singapore, making it a truly momentous occasion for bubble tea aficionados. Get ready to embark on a delightful journey with KEBUKE's unique drink creations, crafted with the finest ingredients and a dedication to freshness. But hurry, because they're celebrating their grand opening with some amazing promotions you won't want to miss! 

Sweeten Your Summer with Exclusive Opening Deals: 

  • From June 18th to 20th, indulge in a FREE upgrade on any drink from their KEBUKE Proton Tea Series. This is your chance to experience their innovative freezing technology that guarantees a burst of flavor with every sip! 
  • Starting June 21st onwards, snag a complimentary KEBUKE tote bag with the purchase of a large Proton Strawberry Drink and a large Proton Mango Drink. It's the perfect way to treat yourself and a friend, while also scoring some stylish swag. 

A World of Flavors Awaits: 

KEBUKE offers a diverse selection of drinks to tantalize every taste bud. Here's a peek at some of their must-try Singapore-exclusive bubble tea flavours, including a brand new fruit tea series: 

Biscoff Black Tea Latte


Prepare to be swept off your feet by this innovative and delightful combination!

This decadent creation features a rich Sri Lankan black tea base perfectly complemented by the irresistible Biscoff biscuit spread lining the cup. Each sip promises a harmonious blend of tea bitterness and buttery sweetness, making it an absolute delight for the senses. 

Milk Latte with Proton Mango

Give it a good swirl to fully awaken the sweet mango notes and enjoy a refreshingly delicious experience. 

Fruity Freshness and Comforting Creaminess: Craving a tropical escape? The Milk Latte with Proton Mango delivers a burst of sunshine in a cup. KEBUKE's innovative Proton Freezing technique utilizes mango ice cubes, ensuring a gradual release of pure fruit flavor with every sip. 

Rice Oolong Milk Tea

Topped with creamy milk for a touch of sweetness, this tea is a perfect pick-me-up any time of day!

Seeking a comforting embrace? The Rice Oolong Milk Tea offers a delightful balance of floral and earthy notes. The base of oolong tea is perfectly complemented by the subtle nuttiness of roasted rice, creating a smooth and satisfying drink.  


Classic Delights: For those who appreciate tradition, KEBUKE hasn't forgotten about you! 

Peach Rice Oolong Tea: This well-balanced drink boasts a delightful floral and fruity combination. Perfect for those who appreciate the delicate sweetness of peach intertwined with the subtle earthiness of oolong tea. Signature Black Tea: Purists, rejoice! KEBUKE uses premium Sri Lankan black tea leaves, resulting in a robust and full-bodied flavor that is both refreshing and invigorating. 

Find Your KEBUKE: 

Address: 160 Orchard Road, Taste Orchard #01-11/12 

Opening Hours:  11am to 10pm (Daily)


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