Nissin's Jumbo Cup Noodles: A Giant Among Cup Noodles Takes Over Singapore!

Nissin's Jumbo Cup Noodles: A Giant Among Cup Noodles Takes Over Singapore!

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By Natalie Yong on 03 Jul 2024

Calling all instant noodle lovers! Get ready for something big! Nissin has brought a giant cup noodle to Singapore - the Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles. These massive cups have been all over social media recently. Forget the small single servings, this cup is a party in itself!


More Than Just Size: A Party in a Cup

Forget single servings, this cup noodle is a party in itself! Photo from aikuger (TikTok)

While the massive size might be the initial eye-catcher, the true magic lies within. This XXL cup houses a treasure trove of 11 regular-sized Nissin cup noodles in a variety of popular flavors! From the classic Chicken to the fiery Tom Yam and the savory Laksa, this cup offers a flavor adventure for every craving.

This Nissin XXL is the king of cup noodles!Photo from 林姓女子 西西 (小红书)

The XXL Cup Noodles comes with 11 of variety flavours: 

Tom Yam, Seafood, Spicy Seafood, Laksa, Chili Crab, Mushroom Chicken, Fish Head Curry, Kyushu White, Korean Army Stew, Black Pepper Crab and Chicken.

Noodle cravings? This cup has you covered with 11 delicious flavors! Photo from AW YQQ (小红书)


But the excitement doesn't stop at the variety. The sheer size of these cup noodles is enough to turn heads. Imagine a single container boasting the equivalent of 11 regular-sized Nissin cups! It's perfect for sharing with friends, fueling a late-night study session, or simply indulging in a ridiculously oversized portion.

Stock up on the Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles before they disappear!Photo from attnpancritical (TikTok)

Finding Your XXL Fix

You can hunt down these Nissin Jumbo Cup Noodles at selected FairPrice supermarkets in Singapore for $20!, but act fast while stocks last – they're selling out quickly! You can also check their availability at Don Don Donki stores for $18.95 each or check online on Shopee – but be quick, these giant noodles are sure to disappear fast!

The Verdict: A Fun and Flavorful Adventure

Whether you're a Nissin superfan, a party host looking for a quirky centerpiece, or simply curious about the hype, the Nissin XXL Jumbo Cup Noodles are a fun and flavorful adventure worth seeking out!

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