4 Gyms In Singapore With Per Entry Fees Under $10

4 Gyms In Singapore With Per Entry Fees Under $10

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By Jasmine Satar on 31 Jan 2023

It’s never too late to start taking care of your health. With the new year still freshly begun, we think it’s a great time to start thinking about your physical health.


Although starting a new healthy habit might be daunting, the key is to keep trying till you find the best rhythm your body can cope with. 

Get some cardio in with our list of affordable gyms.Photo from William Choquette, Pexels

Going to the gym can be complicated especially when you’re just starting out. If you don’t have the convenience of a gym in your residences, the idea of heading out and finding a suitable gym membership for your budget and location preferences might put you off to the idea of working out.

At times, we might even find it stressful to research the different gym memberships available and worry that we might not even commit to the workout days consistently and thus wasting your money.

That’s why we’re bringing you a simple but reliable list of gyms in Singapore that provide cheap per entry payments so that you can try a variety of gyms before deciding to commit to a more long term membership.

With our list, you won’t have to worry about forking out money and worry about making the full use of it every month. This way, you get to find out what your preferences are for a gym.

#1 Gym Pod


Cheap Gyms in Singapore - Gym PodPhoto from @chan9yan

Have you spotted the yellow gym pod spaces around Singapore? Gym Pod is Singapore’s first 24/7 private gym! If you prefer working out in a non-crowded space then this place is your pick.

These pods usually fit a maximum of 2 people. If you want to go to the gym with your friend group then options for larger capacity pods are also available.

Our favourite part about Gym Pod is that you can save the hassle of waiting to use the gym equipment of your choice.

The best part about all of this is that you only need to pay a maximum of $9.50 for an all day use of 1 gym pod. During off-peak hours (12am-7am) you get to enjoy the gym at a cheaper rate at $7.50 per session!

There’s much to enjoy about Gym Pod and we hope you get to experience this cool private gym concept that’s also very affordable.

Gym Pod has many locations to choose from so head to their website for location details and a guide on how you can access your gym pod.

#2 Sports Hub Gym


For experienced gym go-ers, this gym is a great place to test out a wide variety of high-quality gym equipmentPhoto from Sports Hub Gym

Singapore’s Sports Hub Gym is an all-rounder favourite as it's a well-established sports centre with gyms equipped with a range of high-quality fitness equipment for everyone to try. 

If you’re someone who enjoys more intense exercises or looking to build your muscle fast, then this gym might be for you.

The Keiser Infinity Trainer is a full body workout machine produced by renowned fitness equipment brand, Keiser. This machine is a great way to combine cardio and pack on muscle.

This gym is great for beginners or advanced athletes as they have a wide range of free weights that fit anyone’s needs. Sports Hub Gym also has Technogym machines, Wattbikes, Squat Bikes and of course, some classic Cardio wave machines.

Even better, you can freshen up at the gym’s spacious shower and changing facility after your workout, making it more convenient for you.

Interestingly the gym holds many outdoor and indoor sport activities like badminton, volleyball, netball and even skateboarding.

This hub truly cares about their customers as they also have community activities to get people to socialise as they work up a sweat - a great way to make new friends and stay healthy.


Sports Hub Gym is priced at $8 per entry - a great deal with access to vast fitness equipment and shower rooms!

#3 ActiveSG

This gym has many branches but the ActiveSG Gym at Toa Payoh West CC has cool vibes with this purple blue lighting for you to workout in a futuristic neon atmosphere. Plus, this place would make a trendy gym photo update on social media!Photo from ActiveSG Gym

Be spoilt for choice at ActiveSG as they have many gym locations and fitness programmes to choose from. Their gyms are big, the most spacious on our list, ensuring a breezy workout session. 

With just $2.50 per entry, you get to enjoy this gym’s fitness equipment and facilities. What makes ActiveSG unique and inclusive is that most of their classes are free and fit for all ages.

For example, you can try free classes of different types of Yoga, Pilates and Zumba. They even have free classes for a muscle endurance workout that’s called “Chair Workout” for a low impact workout to strengthen muscles and improve blood circulation without putting pressure or strain on your joints.

Check out the facilities and free classes here!

#4 iGYM


Workout anytime in this transformed HDB Bomb Shelter.Photo from iGYM

iGYM has a strong brand identity of making it inclusive for everyone to workout. This gym operates 24 hours and there is absolutely no joining fee, no commitment fee or a prepaid membership option! 

All you have to do is download the iGYM app on your phone, follow the application’s guideline to top up and pay through the app! This hassle-free process makes going to the gym all the more convenient with just a few clicks using your phone.

You’ll have to pay $6 for the first hour of your workout session, with prices increasing every $0.50 for the subsequent 30 minutes after that.

This 24-hour gym is easy and affordable with choices of personal trainers.

With that, we think there’s no more excuses for you to not start exercising seriously! This list has cheap prices and a wide range of locations with different specialised exercise classes for you to try out.

It’s time for you to take better care for yourself, work off the stress and feel better in your body!

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