Jennie x Gentle Monster: Jentle Salon Collection Unveiled!

Jennie x Gentle Monster: Jentle Salon Collection Unveiled!

By Anthony Teo on 02 May 2024

Let's dive into the latest buzz about Jennie Kim and Gentle Monster's new collab! You won't believe the style they've cooked up with their third collection together – the Jentle Salon line. Trust me, it's making waves everywhere!


Jennie x Gentle Monster: Style Reimagined!Photo from IG | GENTLE MONSTER

Picture this: Jennie's sweet and sassy vibe meets Gentle Monster's eyewear expertise. The result? A collection that's dripping with charm – quite literally! These detachable charms are like the cherry on top of your shades, giving them that extra oomph. Can you say game-changer?

11 detachable charms inspired by JENNIE's favorites.Photo from IG | GENTLE MONSTER

But here's where it gets even better. They've gone all out with pop-ups popping up in cities like Singapore, NYC, and more. And these pop-ups? They're not just your average shopping spots. They're like stepping into a style dream, complete with plushies rocking hairpins and the trendiest frames around.

Get ready to slay in style with Jennie.Photo from IG | GENTLE MONSTER

Jennie Gentle Monster Collab: Explore Jentle Salon Collection

Now, let's talk about what's up for grabs. The Jentle Salon collection has something for everyone, with eight frames in every color you can think of and eleven charms to mix and match. And the best part? You don't have to break the bank to snag a piece of this stylish pie. Prices start at SGD30 for a charm and go up to SGD520 for the fanciest frames.

Trendsetters UnitePhoto from IG | GENTLE MONSTER

But it's not just about the eyewear – it's about the vibe, the energy, the whole shebang! This collection is all about embracing your inner cool kid, with designs featuring everything from capybaras to hearts and pearls. And those pop-ups? They're not just places to shop – they're Instagram gold!

Experience the epitome of luxury and fashion with Jennie and Gentle Monster.Photo from IG | GENTLE MONSTER

So, let's give a big shoutout to Gentle Monster and Jennie for bringing the heat with this collab. The Jentle Salon collection isn't just eyewear – it's a lifestyle, and it's dropping worldwide as we speak. Get ready to turn heads and break hearts with your new shades, because this collection is pure fire!

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