The Bagel Bunch: From Homegrown Hero to Buona Vista Champion

The Bagel Bunch: From Homegrown Hero to Buona Vista Champion

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By Anthony Teo on 17 May 2024

Calling all bagel lovers! Brace yourselves for a schmear-tastic announcement. The Bagel Bunch, once a beloved home-based bakery, has risen to the occasion and opened its very own shop at The Metropolis, a stone's throw away from Buona Vista MRT Station. This is a major win for our waistlines (because hello, delicious bagels!) and a testament to the power of following your dreams (or, in this case, your passion for perfectly-baked dough).


Craving a bagel fix near Buona Vista? Head to The Bagel Bunch for incredible flavors & chewy perfection! Photo from The Bagel Bunch

The Bagel Bunch's menu might be concise, but it packs a punch. We're talking seven savory bagel creations, each boasting a chewy exterior and a fluffy heart. Think of them as blank canvases splashed with flavor combinations that will have your taste buds doing a happy dance. Craving classic comfort? Grab a plain, sesame seed, or cheddar bagel. Feeling like a breakfast boss? The aptly named "The Bagel Bunch" (S$9.90) throws five-spice bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese, hashbrown, pickled red onions, and scallion cream cheese into the mix – a guaranteed energy booster for busy mornings.

This Bagel Bunch has got you covered with delicious & satisfying bagel creations. Photo from The Bagel Bunch

But wait, there's more! Spice lovers, get ready to say "BWAK!" (because that's the name of this bad boy) – the B.W.A.K. bagel (S$12.90) features a crispy, spicy chicken thigh nestled with hashbrown, cheese, house-made onion jam, and tangy pickles. It's an explosion of flavor that'll leave you wanting more.

For the Salmon-Obsessed: Lox of Love Awaits!

Salmon lovers unite! Photo from The Bagel Bunch

If you prefer your protein a little more fin-tastic, the "Lox of Love" (S$13.90) awaits. Picture this: smoked salmon, tangy pickled onions, juicy tomatoes, and a schmear of scallion cream cheese, all piled high on a bagel and then… wait for it… topped with even more smoked salmon! Because, well, why not?


 The Bagel Bunch (Buona Vista) offers Korean Fried Chicken & Indian Butter Chicken - yum!Photo from The Bagel Bunch

The Bagel Bunch isn't afraid to travel the world with their taste buds, either. Take your pick from the Korean Fried Chicken or the Indian-inspired Butter Chicken Bonanza, both priced at S$12.90. Vegetarians, fret not! The Veggie Delight boasts a delightful combo of five-spice portobello mushroom and refreshing daikon slaw.

The perfect on-the-go breakfast (or anytime treat!) The Bagel Bunch in Buona Vista is your go-to for amazing bagels.Photo from The Bagel Bunch

So, there you have it, folks. The Bagel Bunch has officially leveled up, and their new digs near Buona Vista MRT Station are the perfect excuse to grab a satisfying, flavor-packed bagel that'll make your day. Now, who's hungry?

📍9 North Buona Vista Dr, Tower 1, #01-01 The Metropolis, Singapore 138588

⏰ 8am–5pm (Mon to Fri), 8am–1pm (Sat & Sun)

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