Haji Lane's Hidden Gem, S$30 Vinyl Listening Cafe

Haji Lane's Hidden Gem, S$30 Vinyl Listening Cafe

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By Anthony Teo on 21 May 2024

Haji Lane thrums with an infectious energy. From the moment you step onto the street, you're bombarded with sights and sounds. Trendsetters sift through overflowing racks in vintage clothing stores, their arms laden with one-of-a-kind finds. Every corner offers a backdrop for the perfect Instagram shot – vibrant murals, quirky shopfronts, and artfully arranged displays.


Haji Lane hidden gem alert! Photo from Slowbytes

For just S$30, Slowbytes offers a 90-minute escape filled with musical indulgence. Over 500 vinyl records await, spanning genres from smooth jazz to electrifying rock and soulful R&B. Feeling peckish? Sip on endless free-flow coffee (espresso, americano, choco au lait – you name it!). Tea lovers can find solace in fragrant jasmine and green tea.

 The sweet sounds of vinyl.Photo from Michael Bollom

Unlike its pricier counterpart, Slow Boat (Singapore's first vinyl listening cafe), Slowbytes offers a wallet-friendly alternative. Whether you're seeking a solo retreat, a romantic date, or a catch-up with friends, the warm ambience – think plush sofas, soft lighting, and calming tunes – sets the perfect scene for relaxation.

Unleash your inner music nerd at Slowbytes! Photo from Slowbyte

Curated Sounds & Reads

Budget-friendly vinyl listening in Singapore? Slowbytes in Haji Lane has you covered for $30Photo from Slowbyte

Slowbytes isn't just about the music. The serene environment extends to a curated selection of books perfect for unwinding. Get lost in the mindful musings of Haemin Sunim's "The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down" or Wes Anderson's quirky world in "Accidentally." This seamless blend of auditory and literary pleasures creates a haven for self-care, a space to truly recharge.

📍71A Haji Ln, Second Floor, Singapore 189264


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