Incheon Airport 2024: Essential Layover Guide - Smartpass, Duty-Free Pickup & Top Eats

Incheon Airport 2024: Essential Layover Guide - Smartpass, Duty-Free Pickup & Top Eats

By Natalie Yong on 20 Jun 2024

Incheon International Airport consistently ranks among the world's best, but navigating it can feel overwhelming. Fear not, savvy traveler! This comprehensive guide equips you with the latest info to make your layover a breeze.


Fast Track Your Journey

Skip the security line with Smartpass!Smartpass Savior: Ditch the regular security line and breeze through with Smartpass facial recognition. This innovative technology uses your face to verify your identity, saving you precious time to explore the airport's offerings. Remember to register your face via the app or kiosk 30 minutes before departure.

Claim your tax refund at counters with ease!
Tax Refund Triumph: Head straight to the J Section, which boasts shorter queues for scanning your tax refund receipts. After breezing through security with Smartpass, claim your well-deserved tax refund at counters conveniently located near boarding gate 28. Pro tip: Utilize Smartpass for an even faster process at security!

Stress-free shopping! Find your pickups at designated counters depending on your boarding gate.

Duty-Free Delights Await:
No more last-minute dashes to the pickup counter! Locate your duty-free purchases at the designated counter depending on your boarding gate: below Gate 100, head to the counter near Gate 43, and if you're departing from a gate above Gate 100, the counter near Gate 119 awaits.

Foodie Fun Beyond Duty-Free:
Incheon International Airport goes way beyond just being an efficient transportation hub. Here are a few hidden gems to add a touch of culinary adventure to your layover:

Melt-in-your-mouth airport-exclusive butter cookies!Paris Baguette's Parisian Perfection: Indulge in a taste of France with their melt-in-your-mouth, airport-exclusive butter cookies. These delightful treats are a perfect souvenir and can't be found anywhere else. For guaranteed stock, grab them before security check near the section.


A bite on the go on the essence of Korean cuisine with Goraesa's premium fish cakes!

Goraesa's Gourmet Grab: Experience the essence of Korean cuisine with Goraesa's premium fish cakes. Renowned for their high quality, Goraesa offers a variety of fried and skewered options, perfect for a satisfying and flavorful bite on the go. Find Goraesa conveniently located near Gate 15.


Indulge in their signature rich and creamy Vanilla Bean Cream Latte!

Coffee Works' Caffeinated Creation: Combat jet lag or simply indulge in a moment of pure bliss with Coffee Works' signature Vanilla Bean Cream Latte. This rich and creamy beverage boasts real vanilla beans, delivering a delightful flavor that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you feeling refreshed. Rejuvenate yourself at Coffee Works near Gate 31.

With this guide in hand, you're well on your way to conquering Incheon Airport and transforming your layover into a pleasant and productive experience. Now, go forth, explore, and savor the delights that Incheon has to offer!

*Bonus Tip:* Download the Incheon Airport app for real-time flight information, interactive maps, and even mobile ordering from select restaurants!

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