Conquering the MRT: 4 Ways Guide to a Smoother Commute!

Conquering the MRT: 4 Ways Guide to a Smoother Commute!

By Natalie Yong on 21 Jun 2024

The Singapore MRT: our city's lifeline, whisking us across the urban sprawl in a comfortable (well, most of the time) breeze. But navigating the crowds, especially during peak hours, can turn that smooth ride into a stressful sprint. Fear not, fellow commuters! Here are some insider tips, gleaned from countless MRT journeys, to transform your experience from a mad dash to a masterfully planned voyage.


Hack 1: No More Missed Connections with The Secret Meeting Point 

Find a clear and easy landmark to meet up!

Ever get stuck on a train, wishing your friends could just hop on at the next stop? The struggle is real!  Here's a secret weapon for the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL):the big, white clock on the platform. These clocks are strategically placed in roughly the same spot at each station. Simply tell your friends to meet you "at the clock" – a clear and easy landmark for a quick rendezvous. No more frantic phone calls or weaving through the crowd! 

Hack 2: Door Numbers is Your Ticket to Efficiency 

Numbered doors will save your time!

Avoid the post-train scramble for the nearest exit or escalator! Each train carriage is conveniently equipped with numbered doors. Next time you're rushing to change lines, mention the specific door number you'll be waiting at - it'll save you precious time searching for the nearest escalator or exit.

Bonus Tip: The first and last carriages tend to be less crowded, making boarding during peak hours a breeze! 


Hack 3: Fast Escape with Strategic Standing Spots

Stand near the doors for fast exit!

Need to make a fast exit at your station? While priority seats are always reserved for those who need them most, the areas near the doors can be strategic spots to stand peak times. This allows for a quick exit when your station arrives. Just remember to be courteous and offer your spot if someone in need boards the train. 

Hack 4: Look to the other side for LCD Dynamic Route Map Display

With the recent upcoming opening of the TEL4 extension on June 23rd, navigating the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) might feel a tad unfamiliar. But fret no more! The new LCD Dynamic Route Map Display (DRMD) shows you the station map, arrival times, and crucially for busy commuters, which side the doors will open on. This handy information keeps your journey smooth and efficient, especially when navigating the new stations.

Bonus Tip: Download the Singapore MRT Lah app! This handy app tells you which train carriages stop closest to exits, elevators, and escalators, making transfers a breeze. You can even use it to strategically board the train for a less crowded ride during peak hours!

With these insider tips and a little planning, your MRT commute can become a stress-free experience. Now, go forth and conquer the city like a seasoned MRT pro!